Yaël Schechter-Lafleur

Home: Kingston ON
Title: The Patient
Media: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 92 x 92 cm

Artist Statement

On Christmas 2016 I was diagnosed with skin cancer. This work is based on a sketch I made while recovering and represents my impression of the first surgery I underwent, in which nearly a quarter of skin surface was removed from the right side of my face. The work was of critical significance to me, providing both a distraction from what I was going through and a way to process it. I was initially inspired by Mexican folk retablo art which I recently saw on exhibit during a trip to New Mexico. The idea and need to formally express gratitude and to acknowledge a life altering event appealed to me. I painted myself lying on the operating table in a state of awareness, sensitive and present to the hospital surroundings.


I grew up in a rural community in Israel. Traveling extensively, I resided among other places in Europe, USA, Japan and the Pacific Islands. I am an intuitive artist, mostly preoccupied with painting as a creative need to express myself. My overall artistic philosophy is in faith in how I see the world around me and my right to explore ways of explaining it to myself.