Ted Tucker

Home: Montréal, Québec
Title: Liam
Media: Watercolour on paper, aquerelle sur papier
Dimensions: 66 x 51 cm
Website: www.tedtucker.ca

Ted Tucker’s hippocampus, the organ located in the temporal lobe, responsible for the acquisition and navigation of memories has been damaged. Clerical errors, resulting from growing old, partying too hard, physical injury and under stimulation have led to recollections becoming misfiled and fragmented. Memories retrieved from this jumbled index return as locker-room anecdotes, laden with fabrication and factual inaccuracies. These abridged ideas appear to originate from a foreign source, rooted in the real, now endemic to a storytelling party land. The Hippocampus of Tucker’s Collegeä has become a tangible environment, a university campus where the landmark moments from his history play out like a skipping CD. Tucker reassembles this fragmented chronology like an “exquisite corps” into a new plausible narrative and illustrates it using a cinematic style reminiscent of 80’s teen movies, an aesthetic befitting the subject matter. The Liam portrait, done in the Hippocampus’ sensibility was created entirely in watercolor using a variety of techniques: from traditional methods of under-painting, glazing & dry-brushing to newer, resourceful methods of scrubbing, erasing & blurring. The work was created on a heavy-pound paper to accommodate countless washes of color & aggressive reductive techniques, resulting in a luminous surface saturated in pure pigment. The painting’s brush strokes, mildly diffused by each layer of glaze give the work a ghostly appearance similar to an old offset print. The contemporary subject & palette in combination with the antiquary printed-feel give the portrait an unusual anachronistic quality.

2010-2013 MFA Concordia University: Painting & Drawing
2002 A.O.C.A.D. Ontario College of Art & Design: Painting & Drawing

2008 NC-17, Christopher Cutts Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
2004 Dominance & Affection, Fran Hill Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
2003 Delete All Cookies, Fran Hill Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

2011 Bakers Dozen, Christopher Cutts Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
2010 Toronto International Art Fair
2010 Scope Basel Art Fair

2010 Dora and Avi Morrow Fellowship, Concordia University
2001 John Alfsen Award, Ontario College of Art & Design
2001 Curry’s Art Store Prize, Ontario College of Art & Design

2010-2011 Teacher’s Assistant to Pat McEown, Concordia University
2002-2010 AV/IT Media Technician OCAD

2009 Recipient of Ontario Arts Council, Visual Artist Grant: Emerging
2008 Recipient of Toronto Arts Council, Visual Arts Grant: Level 1
2008 Included in Carte Blanche V2: Painting, Magenta Publishing