Tammy Salzl

Home: Montréal, Québec
Title: Familial ties
Media: Oil on canvas / huile sur toile
Dimensions: 152 x 183 cm
Website: www.tammysalzl.com

My work is rooted in figurative painting and is driven by my interest in examining humanity.  I strive to capture the psychological and emotional spaces that exist at the borders of what cannot be spoken and are intrinsic to human experience.

Many of the issues that influence the human condition are present in my practice:  identity, sexuality, power relations, the allure and fear of the forbidden, consumption, the assumption of privilege, and the meaning and value of ‘self’ and ‘other’.  Underlying this is an interest in the relationship between social conformism and autonomy, greed and sacrifice, the fictional and the real, civilization and the natural world.

I paint and draw intuitively to give me the freedom of discovery.  I use diverse techniques on the surface to impart a sense of physical presence and tactility.  I want the flesh I create to divulge hints of mental or physical states and for the tension between the figure and the environment to cause conflicting emotions, making the work persist between shadow and light, tragedy and satire, falsehood and truth.

Above all, my practice is influenced by my own experiences within our global simultaneity, an intense inner world and life, my need to translate that somehow and relate it to the small, individual universes others carry with them, and ultimately to navigate our world.

1996 Bachelor of Fine Arts. University of Alberta.  Edmonton, AB
1993 Alberta College of Art Design. Painting and drawing.  Calgary, AB

May 2009 The New Hybrids.  The Living Arts Centre.  Mississauga, ON.
Oct. 2009 Title(TBA).  ODD Gallery. Dawson City, Yukon. (Solo)

Feb. 2009 Inherent Truths. Les Territoires. Montréal, QC.
Nov. 2009 Recent Work.  Indexg Gallery.  Toronto, ON.
June 2008 Contingencies, June 2008, Profiles Public Art Gallery, St. Albert, AB (Solo)
July 2007 Acts of Devotion. Harcourt House Arts Centre, Edmonton, AB
June 2006 Contingencies.  Latitude 53 Contemporary Visual Culture, Projex Room. Edmonton, AB

Jan. 2008 Catfight: Rematch!  theArtery. Edmonton, AB
Sept. 2007 1950 Ford Show, Curated by Anthony Easton, Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton, AB
June. 2007 Response.  Propeller Centre for the Arts, Toronto.  ON
March 2007 Catfight!  ArtsHab Studio Gallery, Edmonton, AB
March 2007 Interiors.  Visual Arts Alberta Association Gallery, Edmonton, AB

2008 Exhibition Creation Residency, 2009.  Klondike institute of Art and Culture. Yukon.
2008 Visual Arts Project Grant.  Alberta Foundation for the Arts.
2006 Creative Residency, Visual Arts. The Banff Centre, AB

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