Soraya Hutchinson

Home: Toronto, Ontario
Title: Painting to say goodbye
Media: Oil on canvas / huile sur toile
Dimensions: 102 x 91 cm

This is a portrait of my mother painted in a room of her house. She posed for me so that I could convey the visual images that I had after listening to the song called “Song To Say Goodbye” by Placebo. The powerful lyrics of this song made me think about the confusing and painful emotions associated with death and how people cope with someone dying. The dead man falling from the ceiling was inspired by some magnificent dead people painted by Peter Paul Rubens.

2007-2010 L’École Albert Defois, Les Cerqueux-Sous-Passavant, France.
2002-2005 Florence Academy of Art, Florence, Italy.
1997-2001 University of British Colombia, Vancouver, Canada. BA, Art History.

2008-2011 Arts Express, Toronto
Harbourfront Center, Toronto

2011 Eccentricity, Papermill Gallery, Toronto, Canada.
2010 Take Part, Arta Gallery, Toronto, Canada.
2009 PRAXIS, Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery, Toronto, Canada.

2010 L’École Albert Defois, Scholarship Awarded.