Shaun Downey

Home: Toronto ON
Title: In Toronto
Media: Oil on canvas on panel
Dimensions: 112 x 97 cm

Artist Statement

Joey is a folk singer who grew up in Toronto, but now lives a relatively solitary life in a wood cabin in the Yukon. The daughter of fashion icon Jeanne Beker, she often visits Toronto, and attends various fashion and cultural events with her mother. In this portrait, she is presented in a moment of contemplation, her finger gently connecting her to the northern light she longs for when away from her chosen home.


After studying realist drawing and painting at the Angel Academy of Art in Toronto in 1999, I attended Sheridan College and graduated from the Interpretive Illustration program in 2002. Deciding to pursue fine art instead of illustration, I first exhibited my work in 2003, and decided to dedicate myself to figurative painting. In my work, I focus on the moments that we spend by ourselves. As the world becomes more connected, the solitary experience has become increasingly rare. In presenting my subjects alone, I allow the viewer a voyeuristic glance at the scene presented. Painting a portrait is my attempt to slow the incessant marching of time.