Sally Clark

Home: Vancouver BC
Title: Portrait of my mother
Media: Oil on linen canvas
Dimensions: 94.5 x 78 cm

Artist Statement

I have been working on a series of close-on portraits of women. My Goddess paintings are landscapes of a human face; no longer the individuals but emblematic of something larger. The faces are the starting point for an investigation into the mystery of what it is to be human.
Winter light is both delicate and harsh, like the experience of aging. I am afraid of aging and of death. I wanted to examine these fears. When I came to title the painting, I realized that this was not a generic goddess, but a very specific person, my mother, and we have a very specific relationship that has survived the ravages of age.


Sally Clark is a writer and a painter. She was born in Vancouver and moved to Toronto to study art. She had a one-person show through ChromaZone, a Toronto artists’ collective. Sally wrote several plays, (“Moo” and “Life Without Instruction”) which have been produced In Canada and the U.S. Her novel, “Waiting for the Revolution,” was published by Cormorant Books in 2010. Several organizations in Vancouver have sponsored solo exhibitions of her paintings.