Phill Atwood

Home: Toronto ON
Title: Susan
Media: Charcoal pencil in paper
Dimensions: 54 x 44 cm

Artist Statement

This is a portrait of Susan completed over multiple sessions during the summer months under soft, natural, diffuse light conditions. It is executed on brown paper with charcoal pencil. Susan patiently sat for myself and a fellow artist friend as we both pursued, and continue to pursue, a love and fascination with the mysterious art of portraiture.


It was the works of Michelangelo, Leonardo, Rembrandt, and other Great Masters first seen in childhood that made a powerful impression. Like they have done for so many people over the centuries, these artists fuelled a desire to draw. One that has re-emerged with increasing force in my life over the last two decades. Discovery in Toronto of an art school, Academy of Art Canada, dedicated to this great tradition in visual art continues to inform, motivate, and inspire the development of these sublime crafts : drawing, and now more and more, painting.