Michael Carlyle

Home: Windsor ON
Title: Where are we going? Self portrait with painting of woman’s head
Media: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 120 x 90 cm

Artist Statement

Usually I try and complete one self portrait a year. In this one, layer upon layer of geometric shards of colour are transposed creating the overall form and the compression of space enhancing the underlying search for structure. Some layers show through in the underpainting while others sit on the surface creating a dynamic strata of paint. The shapes are composed with mostly straight lines with a few curvilinear forms. On the coloured white wall that envelopes my portrait is a painting of a woman’s head, creating a dialogue between myself and my work. As the title suggests, some artists are on a journey, myself included, not always certain where this exploration will take them.


Dividing his time between Canada and Mexico, Michael continues to paint on a full time basis,. Currently he’s been working on a series titled ‘Mujers Contemporaneo” incorporating elements of abstraction and colour field painting. Michael has been featured in many publications and his work is in many private collections in Canada, United States and Mexico.