Matthew Schofield

Home: Toronto, Ontario
Title: Six Decades
Media: Oil on mylar on wood / huile sur mylar et bois
Dimensions: 15 x 74 cm

It is difficult to define someone with a single image. These six painted panels represent six decades of my mother’s life. My hope is these snapshots and glimpses show the multifaceted life of the sitter. (Due to the nature of the project, the final panel was the only image painted from a sitting).

2000 Bachelor of Arts – Honours Art, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario.
1997 AOCAD Honours: Drawing and Painting Program, OCAD, Toronto, Ontario.
1991/1992 Architecture / Art History: Carleton University, Ottawa Ontario.

2009 Making the Most of Snap Decisions AWOL Gallery, Toronto, Ontario.
2006 (almost) everything, AWOL Gallery, Toronto, Ontario.
2003 Keeping a Distance, Kabat Wrobel Gallery, Toronto, Ontario.

2011 BP Portrait Exhibition, London, UK.
2010 Aqua Art Fair, Maimi Beach, Florida, USA.
2009 NEXT art fair Chicago, USA.

In 2001 Matthew was nominated for a Primetime Emmy and in 2006 he was nominated for an Oscar for his digital matte painting work in film.

(film credit highlights)
2006 to present (Toronto, Canada): Three Musketeers, Tron Legacy, Scott Pilgrim
2004–06 (London, UK): Superman Returns, The Wild, Valiant
2001–04 (Toronto, Canada): Film and Television

2008 Carte Blanche Vol. 2: Painting, Magenta Publishing for the Arts, Toronto, Ontario