Marnie White

Home: Toronto, Ontario
Title: Laurie
Media: Charcoal on paper
Dimensions: 90 x 75 cm

Artist Statement

In the sea of images that surrounds and permeates our lives, these drawings are a return to the portrait as a tangible, physical object. The background noise has been stripped away to depict contemporary models in a controlled environment to draw focus to form and texture. The resulting images are static and quiet, relying heavily on traditional composition and technical devices. In these drawings I am able to focus on the subjects, my friends and acquaintances and investigate the poignant humanity of daily life. This particular portrait of my friend Laurie was started before she left Toronto for Edmonton. I always ask my subjects to bring any props and to dress in clothes they are content to be photographed in. Laurie was going through all of her belongings in an effort to cull before moving across the country and understanding my affinity for old master paintings decided to bring a fur collar along.


Marnie is a Toronto based artist. Returning to the city after a number of years working overseas, she became interested in training in the classical atelier tradition. The drawing entitled ‘Laurie’ is part of a series of portraits done of people who are close to the artist. These drawings have elements of European traditional methods and techniques. Their sobriety and composition are moderated with the informal quality that comes from a model and artist relationship between friends.