Maddie Rossetti

Home: Ottawa, Ontario
Title: Avulsion
Media: oil on canvas
Dimensions: 152 x 91 cm


In 2019, I began documenting my dreams as voice recordings on my phone and have continued to do so since. I started doing this after noticing I was having significantly more vivid dreams, all strange and outlandish, some more than others. “Avulsion” is inspired by one of those dreams. I am staring into a mirror, terrified, trying to comprehend what I see before me as all of my teeth fall out. My goal was to create a visceral piece that would have an immediate impact on the viewer. By using a first-person point of view and eliminating a clear depiction of a mirror, I aimed for a sense of tunnel vision that exemplifies the terror of the moment. The body language, eye contact and excessive blood are all meant to further this visceral quality.


Maddie Rossetti is an artist based in Ottawa and Kingston, Ontario. She is studying for her Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) at Queen’s University. Maddie works primarily in oil paint and has recently experimented with various print media. Her current work is mainly autobiographical and explores themes of mental health, dreams, nightmares, fears, memory, and relationships with herself and others.