Lorna Conquergood

Home: Saskatoon, SK
Title: Velour
Media: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 126 x 126 cm
Website: www.lornaconquergood.com

Artist Statement

Velour is an early years self-portrait on the first day of school in my new clothes. I remember it was the first time I walked to school alone. The moment captures a particular feeling, a fearless optimism, and hints of uncertainty. The background is an authentic pattern with colours that reference the aesthetic of that time. The large florals, stripes, and swirls are psychologic and might signify the unknown, juxtaposed by the innocence and excitement of the portrait.
Currently, my practice contains a vast volume of nostalgia. How did my imagination affect the way I saw the world as a child? How children view their world, through a lens of imagination, creates their realities. I use a variety of changes between soft or intense colour to create a mood, rather than worrying about realism. My hope is that the viewer recalls aspects of their own childhood memories and wonder what aspects of the young imagination remain in adulthood?


Lorna Conquergood is a Saskatoon based visual artist, mother, and teacher. She graduated from the University of Saskatchewan, College of Education, in 2015. She taught Arts Education in the public school system for a year before returning to university to pursue a BFA Honours degree. She currently works at the Remai Modern Museum as a Program Guide and as a substitute teacher for the public school system in addition to being a full time student. After completing the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree spring 2019, Lorna is attending Memorial University of Newfoundland in a low-residency Masters of Fine Art program. It is with the same excited, optimistic curiosity that Velour depicts that Lorna approaches this new chapter in her growth and education.

Masters of Fine Art 2021
Memorial University of Newfoundland, Grenfell Campus, Corner Brook, NL

Bachelor of Fine Art 2019
University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK

Bachelor of Education 2015
University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK

March 2019 Varnished Leaves in Window Jars – BFA Exhibition, Gordon Snelgrove Gallery, SK
Jan 2018 In Your Face, The Place Riel Showcase, SK

April 2019 Adjacent Possible, Gordon Snelgrove, SK
Feb 2019 Deep Freeze Lockdown, Gordon Snelgrove, SK
Oct 2018 ART Cycled, Place Riel North Concourse, SK
Apr 2018 Emergence, Gordon Snelgrove Gallery, SK
Nov 2017 Research/Reflect, Gordon Snelgrove Gallery, SK

“Suspend”, The Society, St Peter’s College, vol. 15, 2018, p. 13

Saskatchewan Association of Broadcasters Award in the Fine Arts 2019
Memorial University of Newfoundland Scholarship Scholarship for Grad Studies 2019
University of Saskatchewan Undergraduate Scholarship for academic achievement 2018
University of Saskatchewan Undergraduate Scholarship for academic achievement 2017
University of Saskatchewan Undergraduate Scholarship for academic achievement 2014
Lois and Art Rein Bursary in Education for academic achievement 2013
University of Saskatchewan Undergraduate Scholarship for academic achievement 2012