Linglei Lu

Home: Toronto, ON
Title: Three Siblings
Media: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 122 x 91 cm

Artist Statement

My portraits have always been children. In fact, three of my grandchildren are my models. I am exploring how to use traditional oil painting techniques to express the real life of contemporary children, especially urban children. The society is constantly improving, and its main feature is modernization, especially urban modernization. Children in such an environment have completely different lives and thoughts from children in a traditional environment. I want to express this theme. The grandson, who is nearly 5 years old, took part in ice hockey learning. Ice hockey is the national football of Canada. I feel this is a good theme.


I used to be a computer engineer and I am 70 years old. In order to enrich my life after retirement, I helped my daughter to look after 3 little grandchildren while learning oil painting through video. I like traditional oil paintings because traditional oil paintings have a rich sense of history and are elegant and solemn. I also like landscape painting. Since I live in the city, I mainly study and explore how to express modern city life and scenery.