Laurence Antony

Home: Montreal, QC
Title: In Reality
Media: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 183 x 122 cm


Born in 1988 in Montreal, Laurence Antony completed studies in Painting and Drawing at Concordia University and at the St-Luc school of graphic design ERG). He has worked at the Museum of Fine Arts of Montreal, at DHC/ART and at the PHI centre. In 2015, Antony spent a year in Tokyo rediscovering his love for painting and technology while immersing himself in the local art scene. He exhibited in London for the Derwent Art Prize in 2016. He currently paints and resides in Montreal working with new technologies and exhibiting in art centres such as the MAI gallery and Le Livart.


Laurence Antony’s painting practice revolves primarily around concepts of reality constructed in painting. By using 3D imaging tools in combination with painting, Antony challenges the classical role of painting as a medium used for documenting history–bridging the gap between old and new in an attempt to present a timeless reality. Incorporating both representative and metaphorical techniques, Antony’s process aims to challenge the final form of his paintings. His loose figurative style serves as a constant reminder of the ease with which a painterly reality can be bent.

“In reality” fits into a body of work meant to depict contemporary subjects represented through classical means. The integrated use of a virtual reality headset is meant to challenge the audience’s understanding of the reality represented by the painting. This perspective thus questions whether the painting is an accurate means of documentation or if it is simply a means to represent the reality of those who commission and produce the artwork.


2013 Concordia University, BFA, Painting and drawing


2011 ERG’s Students ’11, École Supérieur des Arts ERG, Brussels
2015 Fringe Fest 15’, Gallery MAI, Montreal
2016 Derwent Art Prize Official Selection, Mall Galleries, London
2017 Fringe Fest 17’, Gallery MAI, Montreal
2018 Group Exhibit Le Futur, Le Livart


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