Kit King

Home: Curran ON
Title: The Tangible Manifestation of Change
Media: Oil on linen (riveted to aluminum and steel support)
Dimensions: 127 x 92 cm

Artist Statement

This self-portrait is focused on the destructive nature of man within a disposable society. Painted and sliced up as though it has gone through a shredder, this piece serves as a visual commentary on living in a disposable society, and on how this destructive behaviour is now entering and affecting the relationships we form, and how this begins to shape our own identities.

With the large scale, the viewer becomes an intimate part of the painting’s narrative. If someone can ask “why would she cut it up?”, then perhaps this may lead to a deeper introspection when one questions why it’s acceptable to tear one another down in reality, but not acceptable to tear up an object based on this reality.


King (b.1987) is a Bahamian Canadian artist who has been the subject of solo and group exhibitions in galleries, museums, and art fairs throughout Canada and the US, as well as the UK, Australia, and the UAE. Often working in large scale, King paints emotional and intimate representational works that undress the cultural layers that determine worth, and shape identity within the social stratum.