Kendall Nichols
Showing 122cm x 122cm relative to 200cm x 200cm

The purple square represents the relative size of the portrait to a 2 metre x 2 metre maximum size allowed.

Kendall Ayoub Nichols

Home: Sainte-Cécile-de-Masham, Quebec
Title: Wapokunie
Media: oil on canvas
Dimensions: 122 x 122 cm


I paint realistic figurative paintings of people within my local community, exploring what makes these individuals vibrant, vital and Canadian through my artwork. Wapokunie Riel is the owner of Nikosi Gastro Pub in Wakefield, Québec. Wapokunie practically lives at the restaurant that sits along the river in Wakefield’s hub, radiating hospitality. The physical depiction of Wapokunie in the pub highlights Wapokunie’s commitment to a warm and welcoming atmosphere. I wanted to capture Wapokunie’s creative contribution to making Wakefield a popular destination for visitors and locals.


I have been creating contemporary figurative oil paintings for over 35 years. I am inherently drawn to the complexities of our physical and spiritual selves and paint to capture that essence. The subjects I choose are members of my local community. My goal in painting is to depict the person before me and the surrounding area and engage the viewer through the composition to connect with the subject matter beyond the physical. I work with oil paint as it reflects not just a singular moment but a moment rendered over time. Painting multiple layers allows for a richness of detail and complexity to emerge. When I focus on the person before me, rendering the subject matter through paint on canvas, I believe something deeper emerges. That depth is what I want to capture, explore further, and share with others.