Kelcie De Wildt

Home: Regina, Saskatchewan
Title: Dad
Media: Charcoal on BFK paper / fusain sur papier BFK
Dimensions: 180 x 180 cm

This charcoal drawing is a portrait of my Dad. I created this work to explore our father-daughter relationship,and how our relationship has developed throughout time. Due to my Dad’s job as an RCMP officer, I have spent my childhood and youth moving around rural Saskatchewan. For this reason, I have never been able to associate the feeling of a “home” with a consistent community. Rather it is the familiar face of my father that represents home. For this reason, Dad is not just a portrait of my father, but it has become a self portrait. Drawing is a consistent and ever present process that I trust and depend upon. There is nothing uncertain about drawing. I treat it as a repetitious task of adding and subtracting layers in order to manipulate my materials to gain control and power. While depicting my father, this feeling of gaining power through manipulation has increased. Drawing is not just about being able to control my materials, but rather gaining a position of control and my first attempt at creating my own individual identity.

2012 Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Regina
2008 High School Diploma, Michael A. Riffel High School
2000-2002 Grades 1-3 Exam (Tap, Jazz & Ballet), Royal Academy of Dance

2012 South on 6, The Hague Gallery, Regina Saskatchewan

2012 Solstice, Fifth Parallel Gallery, Regina, Saskatchewan
2012 Hendeca, MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina, Saskatchewan
2012 No Parking, Fifth Parallel Gallery, Regina, Saskatchewan

2012-Present MacKenzie Art Gallery, Facilitator