Katherine McNenly

Home: Almonte, Ontario
Title: Winter
Media: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 66 x 56 cm
Website: www.katherinemcnenly.com

This self portrait is an exploration of a serious illness overcome, and how it affected me on a personal and artistic level. I wanted to convey a feeling of calm, but stubborn steadfastness, isolation, yet strength. The self exploration one experiences with illness has many parallels with ones life as an artist. The choice of a winter setting seemed to enhance the introspective mood of the picture. The painting is representational, but not completely realist in style. I tried to subordinate parts of the picture by degrees of finish, to draw attention to the subject.

Exhibitions, Solo:
2006 Recent Paintings & Drawings, Mill Street Gallery, Almonte Ontario
2004 Realist Drawings Show, Atrium Gallery, Ottawa Ontario

Selected Exhibitions, Group:
2006 Masquerade, Mill Street Gallery, Almonte, Ontario
2006 Life Drawings, Nepean Visual Arts Centre, Ontario
2006 Lacloche Fine Arts Festival, Whitefish Falls, Ontario
2006 Flight, Mill Street Gallery, Almonte, Ontario
2005 Mill Street Gallery, Almonte, Ontario
2003 Art From Life, Nepean Visual Arts Centre, Ottawa, Ontario
1995 National Capital Fine Arts Festival, Ottawa, Ontario
1991 Lacloche Fine Arts Festival, Willisville, Ontario
1987 Portrait Show, O’Keefe Centre, Toronto, Ontario
1982 York University Graduate Show, Toronto, Ontario

Grants & Awards:
2006 Honourable Mention, Landscape painting, Lacloche, Whitefish Falls, Ontario
1991 Best of Show, Lacloche Fine Arts Festival, Willisville, Ontario

1990 Cecil-Graves Atelier, Florence, Italy- Daniel Graves & Charles Cecil Instructors
1982-87 National Portrait Academy, Toronto- John Angel Instructor
1984 Bachelor of Fine Arts, York University, Toronto, Ontario

Media: Oil painting, charcoal, graphite, conté drawings, mixed media watercolour

Arts Involvement:
1992 Painting and life drawing instructor, Laurentian University Museum, Sudbury, Ontario
1991 Painting instructor, Espanola Board of Education
2007 Painting instructor, City of Ottawa

Member of:
Visual Arts Ontario / Mill Street Gallery, Almonte, Ontario