Jon Claytor

Home: Sackville, New Brunswick
Title: Untitled / sans titre
Media: Oil on canvas / huile sur toile
Dimensions: 117 x 66 cm

I merge abstract action painting with figuration. I paint the moments between action and inaction, love and hate, tenderness and anger, ecstasy and agony, despair and hope. In other words, life.

I like to think of my paintings as really short movies.

I love my subjects.


Sep 2007 “Until the break of day” Ingram Gallery, Toronto, ON
June 2006 “Quagmire” Ingram Gallery, Toronto, ON
May 2006 “Life’s Little Soldiers ” Harvey Levine Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Sep 2005 “There Is No Place” Ingram Gallery, Toronto, ON
Mar 2004 “Rescue. Rescue” Ingram Gallery, Toronto, ON
Sep 2002 “All Theses Shipwrecks” Ingram Gallery, Toronto, ON
Mar 2000 “Maybe, Just Maybe” The Belgo Building, Montreal PQ
2000 “Maybe, Just Maybe” Wurm Gallery, Ottawa ON
2000 “Maybe, Just Maybe” The Jane Bond, Waterloo ON
1998 “I love You All…” Galerie Sans Nom, Moncton NB
1998 “Slings and Arrows” The Old Pool Hall, Sackville NB
1997 “Looking for Love” Gairdner Building, Sackville NB


Aug 5-7 2006 “Sappy Records Festival Group Show” Struts Artist Run Centre
Dec 2005 “Toy Box” Ingram Gallery, Toronto, ON
Nov 2005 “Claytor and Wiseman” Gallery Goldie, Montreal PQ
Dec 2004 “Stumble Home (Jon Claytor and Rachel Berman)” Ingram Gallery, Toronto, ON
2004 “Grey Scale” Ingram Gallery, Toronto, ON
2004 “Life of the Party” Ingram Gallery, Toronto, ON
July 2003 “67%: Bodies of Water” Ingram Gallery, Toronto, ON
Dec 2002 “Angeles and Desperadoes” Ingram Gallery, Toronto, ON
2002 “Figure Out” Ingram Gallery, Toronto, ON
2001 “Cinematic Situation” Ingram Gallery, Toronto, ON
2001 “Something In The Air” The jane Bond, Waterloo ON
2000 “Portraits and Four Letter Words” Struts, Sackville NB
1999 “Captive Voyeur” Owens Art Gallery, Sackville NB
1998 “Mount Allison Graduation Show” Owens Art Gallery
1997 “Young Sculpture” Moncton Public Library, Moncton NB
1993 “Stop Me Before I Disintegrate” OO Gallery, Halifax NS


2005-06 Mount Allison University, Painting and Drawing


1990 Moncton High School, Moncton NB.
1991 NASCAD. Foundation program
1995-1998 Mount Allison University. Bachelor of Fine Arts with distinction
1993-94 Algonquin Community College: Cabinet Making


1995 Ted Pullford Entrance Scholarship
1997 Crake Fellowship
2004 Juno Nomination for “Best Album Design”

Many CD Covers for artists such as Gord Downie, Julie Doiron and Snailhouse
Directed several music videos for Julie Doiron.