Jennifer Globush
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Jennifer Globush

Home: Balmertown, Ontario
Title: Lindsay
Media: Charcoal and graphite on Stonehenge paper
Dimensions: 62 x 61 cm


Lindsay is part of the Cabin Fever series – an ongoing series of drawings that examines the character and grit that shapes the dispersed individuals who choose to live and work in remote areas of Northern Canada. Born and raised in the industrial gold mining area of the deep boreal forest region of Northwestern Ontario, Globush focuses the series on the sociological aspects of isolation, self-reliance, and sustainability. In areas where climate and environment are wild and unforgiving, the works explore how people are shaped by a profoundly genuine relationship to the land, each other, and themselves. Mainly, the drawings speak to the connection between seclusion and stability. Living in a cultural era that sees mental health as an investigation of personal growth and individual understanding of oneself, Cabin Fever explores that pursuit; where we live, what we do and whom we choose to surround ourselves with continues to form our existence.


Based in Northwestern Ontario, Jennifer Globush has spent most of her life amongst landscapes of industrial gold mining within the boreal forests of Canada. She has an intimate appreciation and love of the people, the abstract landscapes and unique yet everyday objects that result from living in the remote North. Her works in drawing and printmaking capture the individual details of living within a northern community of hard labour, self-sustainability, nature, and industrial effects on the environment, its people and an ever-changing wilderness. These compositions challenge viewers to question their understanding of small-town life, Northern Canada, labour in the North and their notions of Northerners in society. At the same time, the detailed mark-making characteristic of her work invites them to explore these people, objects, and places personally, making her work a personal accord of life in the North. Jennifer makes large-scale, detailed drawings and gestural woodblock printed works that are executed through simple layers of charcoal, graphite, ink, and oil sticks. She holds a BFA in Drawing & Painting from the Ontario College of Art & Design University, Toronto ON (2010) and exhibits across Canada and Iceland. She maintains a studio in the remote boreal forest of Northwestern Ontario.