Jeannette Sirois

Home: Salt Spring Island, British Columbia
Title: The Equality of Same: Lorraine
Media: Colour pencil, graphite, charcoal
Dimensions: 134.64 x 92 cm

Artist Statement

The Equality of Same: Lorraine is part of a series of four large-scale drawn portraits that examines the relationship between sexual identification and social acceptance. In this image a women who identifies as lesbian is repositioned as a minority through the use of the tattoos that describe her as a victim of ignorance based on personal gain, cultural stereotypes, ignorance and ritualistic beliefs. The work is meant to highlight hate crimes that ensue from these beliefs and how they affect people who identify as LGBTQ. I’m interested in creating dialogue for vulnerable people in our society and The Equality of Same: Lorraine will hopefully create dialogue around LGBTQ people, their lives, and the issues they face as minorities.


I am a full time practicing visual artist working with colour pencil, graphite and charcoal. I use large scale portraits to explore issues surrounding acceptance and rejection based on societal norms, values, cultural beliefs and ritualistic practices. Having worked for over 20 years as an art educator, I came to portrait drawing only recently and I continue to explore the use of portraits to discuss important issues we see in Canada today. I have created work for public installations, gallery exhibitions and private collections and continue to strive at creating images that make important statements and start dialogue about those who are vulnerable, are a minority or subject to hate crimes.

I hold a Diploma in Design, a BFA with distinctions from Concordia University in Montreal, Art Teacher Certification and an M. Ed from UBC.