Janine Hall

Home: Calgary AB
Title: Millenial; we got this.
Media: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 102 x 76 cm

Artist Statement

This portrait of my nephew Fisher represents to me the hopeful enthusiasm and confidence of the young generation he is a member of to take care of our world now that their time has come. The setting is in my local Fish Creek Park, a beautiful and natural place where I walk daily, often with my millennial children. The setting is very appropriate for a portrait with this theme as nature will be one of the primary forces they will have to contend with and cooperate with throughout their time here.


Janine Hall was born in Calgary in 1965. She studied at the Alberta College of Art and received her Diploma in Painting in 1987 and later earned her Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts from the same school in 2003. She has devoted her life to the craft of painting and drawing and particularly portraiture. She believes in the transcendent capacity of painting to hold truth and in so doing affect human consciousness. She currently lives on the outskirts of South Calgary where she paints full time in a home studio.