Jane Tarini

Home: Ancaster, ON
Title: Angela
Media: Graphite pencil on paper
Dimensions: 24 x 18 cm

Artist Statement

It is my goal to do a portrait of each member of our family and this drawing is of Angela, my youngest son’s partner. She is a lovely person and an accomplished artist in her own right in the field of printmaking. Her strong expression in this portrait, I hope, reveals her creativity, intelligence and strength while still showing her vulnerability. I feel that printmaking doesn’t get the recognition it deserves and yet Angela pursues it diligently and with passion in spite of that. To honour that discipline and in recognition of her Dutch artistic heritage I have transcribed her name into Johannes van Eyck’s signature from the The Arnolfini Portrait so that posterity will know that Angela was also here.


Though I have an educational background in psychology, women’s studies and art history my main focus has always been making things with my hands. For many years I pursued a variety of interesting and challenging arts and crafts. About ten years ago I wanted to learn to draw and paint and began training in the realist manner. Since then I have been working on my own to develop and refine my skills. Portraiture is my favorite subject although I have started to learn about the pleasures of drawing landscapes, animals, and interiors too.


1975 – Queens University – B.A. Psychology, Kingston, Ontario
1983 – 2007 – University of Toronto, Carleton University, York University – coursework in Art History and Women’s Studies

2019 – Toronto Outdoor Art Fair
2019 – Dundas Valley School of Art – 49th Annual Art Auction
2018 – Toronto Outdoor Art Fair
2018 – Dundas Valley School of Art – 48th Annual Art Auction
2018 – Village Studios – Drawings and Paintings – Jane Tarini and Leslie Watts
2017 – Kingston Prize – Finalist
2017 – Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition
2017 – Dundas Valley School of Art – 47th Annual Art Auction
2016 – Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition
2016 – Fresh from the Studio – Fieldcote Memorial Park and Museum