Ian Stone

Home: Montreal, Quebec
Title: Moon-kissed
Media: Oil on paper
Dimensions: 76 x 56 cm


The association of nighttime with women in mythology can be traced back to ancient cultures and their belief systems. They connected femininity with darkness, which was seen as a nurturing and protective force, like a mother’s womb. The darkness of night was therefore seen as a natural symbol of femininity, embodying the qualities of nurturing, protection, and mystery. My recent portrait work explores how traditional gender roles affect how queer/gay people allow themselves to express their feminine attributes. In the protective force of moonlight, they permit themselves to explore the entire gender spectrum through fashion, dance, drag and sex. My portrait, “Moonkissed,” is of my partner Pierre-Edouard.


Ian Stone’s interest and exploration of painting began after his BFA in traditional Printmaking from NSCAD in Halifax, Nova Scotia. With a strong interest in self-portraiture and identity politics, the technical aspect of layering and printing was transferred to figurative, painterly realism. He continued his studies at Concordia University with an MFA in painting and drawing. His work is in numerous private and public collections, including the Florida State University Museum and the National Palace of Culture in Sofia, Bulgaria.