Gerald Kuehl

Home: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Title: The Ultimate Hunter
Media: Graphite on paper / graphite sur papier
Dimensions: 76 x 65 cm

Alex Thomas, of Cree descent, lives in northern Manitoba. Now a dying breed of Canada’s Indigenous people, Alex once thrived and raised his large family of 13 through his exceptional skills as a hunter and trapper. At age 84, much of his time is spent in Lynn Lake caring for his wife. But Alex’s mind and spirit still roam the wilderness. It is his wish to leave Mother Earth while walking his trap line in the land of his birth.

As I circled Alex with my camera, his eyes never left me. I felt like small prey in the sights of a hawk. In the north, Alex Thomas is the top predator. After photographing thousands of our Indigenous people in the last 14 years, I felt I had successfully captured on film and later with graphite, the ultimate hunter.

May 1990 Bachelor of Education, University of Manitoba
May 1977 Bachelor of Physical Education, University of Manitoba

Sept./10 to Dec./10 Legislative Assembly Nunavut, Iqaluit, (solo)
Jan./10 to Nov./10 Wanuskewin Heritage Park, (solo), Sask.
2009 Finalist Kingston Prize
Nov./08 to Jan./09 St. Catherines Museum, (solo), St. Catherines, Ont.
Sept. to Nov./08 Churchill Town Center, (solo), Churchill, Man.
Oct./06 to Dec./06 Churchill Town Center, (solo), Churchill, Man.
Aug./08 to Sept./08 Amtsbodasafnid (solo), Akureyri, Iceland
May/08 to July/08 Red Lake Heritage Center, (solo), Red Lake, Ont.
Feb./08 to April/08 Musee Heritage Museum, (solo), St. Albert, Alberta
Feb./07 to April/07 New Icelandic Heritage Museum, (solo), Gimli, Man.
Sept./06 to Jan./07 Manitoba Museum (solo), Winnipeg, Man.
Feb./06 to April/06 Sam Waller Museum (solo), The Pas, Man
Oct./01 to Feb./02 Manitoba Museum (solo), Winnipeg, Man.