Eric Budovitch

Home: Toronto, Ontario
Title: Contestant 12 (Portrait of Sarah-Joy Bennett)
Media: Oil on canvas / huile sur toile
Dimensions: 76 x 61 cm

A portrait must be more than a face and a stance. A person is a package made of our entire presentation; our grooming, clothes and all things which we have arranged around us be it an office cubicle or an entry into a fictional doll’s house competition. To produce a contemporary portrait we must show the sum of a man or woman and allow for a more encompassing view. As artists we must present the world that we believe the sitter has or would make for themselves. Display the person, not the pose.


June-August 2002 Independent study with Odd Nerdrum, Oslo, Norway
2000-2002 New York Academy of Art, NYC, NY, Masters in Fine Art, NYC, USA
2000-2001 Art Student’s League, NYC, NY, Independent study with Nelson Shanks
1999-2000 Angel Studios, Toronto, Ontario, Independent study with John Angel
1995-1999 McGill University Montreal, Quebec, Bachelors Degree in Art History


April 2005 Fredericton, N.B, “Sensation”, Gallery 78


Feb 2007 St.John NB, “Winter Blues” Buckland Gallery
Oct. 2005 St. John NB, ‘Three Emerging” Buckland Gallery
June 2004 Toronto, Ont, “Figuration,” Gallery Bibianne
June 2002 New York, NY “Take Home a Nude,” Christies
May 2002 New York, NY “Graduate Show at the NYAA”


2003 – Present Avenue Road Art School, Toronto
2002 – Present Second School, Toronto, Ontario
Dec 2002 Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Fredericton, NB
Nov 2002 University of New Brunswick, Fredericton


March 2003 Greenshield Foundation Recipient


April 7/05 Telegraph Journal St.John, NB, p.B7
June 21/03 Daily Gleaner,the, Fredericton, NB, p.C9


Gallery 78, Fredericton, NB
Buckland Gallery, St.John NB