Diliana Popova

Home: Toronto, Ontario
Title: Portrait of Joe Deagnon
Media: Oil on canvas / huile sur toile
Dimensions: 81.5 x 50 cm

Portraiture for me is a ritual. It provides for me a window of perception which is unequalled by any other act. I find my inspiration and drive in the often imperceptible nuances of personality and the endless capacity for expression and meaning found in my subjects. My aim, every time paint touches canvas, is to capture the unseen through the obvious; the tiny mechanism of the internal clock that all put together, show the uniqueness of a subject.

Academy of Realist Art, Toronto [Drawing and Painting Certificate]
University of Toronto [Honors BA, Art History and English Literature](in progress)

2009 John B. Aird Gallery, ‘The Canadian Portrait: Today and Tomorrow’, Toronto.
2008 Junction Arts Festival, Toronto.
2007 The Arts and Letters Club, ‘Professional members’ Exhibition’, Toronto.
2007 Founder’s College Gallery South Boston, US.
2006 Junction Arts Festival, Toronto.
2006 Sherway Gardens Gallery, Toronto.
2006 Guelph-Humber Gallery, Group exhibition, Toronto.
2005, 2006, 2007 Academy of Realist Art Annual Art Show, 2 Toronto.
2005 Earl’s Court Gallery, ‘Realist Revival’, Hamilton.