Daniel Hughes

Home: Kingston ON
Title: Sculptor
Media: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 127 x 94 cm

Artist Statement

My subject is Shayne Dark. I also painted him for my previous entry for the Kingston Prize in 2015. This time I decided to approach it in a very different way, both technically and emotionally. Shayne has been going through chemotherapy to treat non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. As a close and dear friend I thought it might be therapeutic for me to spend time painting him to help me come to terms with his illness and the distress it has caused him, his family and friends. He was very gracious to allow me to paint him in such an exposed way. I aimed to show his vulnerability and a more gentle side to him than in my previous work. He was very open to my approach and fully supported me entering it for the Kingston Prize.


My education is in classical painting techniques. I am also interested in alla prima painting and my work tends to move between high realism and a looser more direct approach. I felt that this particular piece would have more impact as a highly realized work.