Colin Davis
Showing 152cm x 86cm relative to 200cm x 200cm

The purple square represents the relative size of the portrait to a 2 metre x 2 metre maximum size allowed.

Colin Davis

Home: North Bay, Ontario
Title: Self Portrait Post-Run
Media: Oil on Linen
Dimensions: 152 x 86 cm


Self Portrait Post-Run examines the artist’s body in relation to the environment. Exposing oneself to nature and experiencing an animalistic connection through running – followed by post-exhaustion peace – allows for a deep and resilient connection to a place. This painting was done while acclimating to a new living environment and exploring how the surrounding can affect an individual’s personality.


Colin W Davis is a painter living and working in North Bay, Canada. He uses realist painting to explore contemporary issues, including masculinity, belonging, and self-worth. His work is largely autobiographical and often explores how the environment can affect self-identity. He holds a BAA in Illustration from Sheridan College and has exhibited work in multiple commercial and public galleries across Canada.