Christopher Laffin

Home: Stella, ON
Title: Paul
Media: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 73 x 58 cm

Artist’s Statement

Paul Cuyler is a friend, neighbor, blacksmith, and fellow artist. I was interested in doing a portrait of him at work as I am respectful of his knowledge and skill, and enjoy seeing the pleasure he takes in creating his sculptures. There is often rough heavy work in what he does. Here he is doing some fine work, creating a concavity along the length of what will be a leaf in bulrushes. The hammering must be precise. We see an artist at work, fully focused.

I wanted the composition to center on the task at hand and for the painting style to be best viewed at a distance. I am interested in the way painting can simplify and show us a more appreciative way of seeing.


I had a career in teaching art and have only recently been in a position to devote my time to producing my own. I studied at the Academy for Realist Art in Toronto, and while I admire high realism, I’m interested in exploring a somewhat looser style. I live and work at my home on Amherst Island in Ontario. Having shown works in local group shows, I have works in private collections in Canada and the US. My main interest is in doing portraits and figurative works.