Christienne Cuevas

Home: Kitchener ON
Title: Portrait of the artist
Media: Graphite, carbon and sumi ink on paper
Dimensions: 81 x 63 cm

Artist Statement

I had originally intended to use this self-portrait drawing as a study for a larger painting in oils. As such, it was not meant to be seen by anyone but myself. I gave myself license to mark the paper without too much fear of making mistakes, and it gave me the freedom to explore the textures, lines and curves of my face. Creating a portrait is a risky endeavour– with a slight elevation in one eyebrow, or a small crack at the corner of a mouth, an artist might reveal some aspect of the subject which he or she may wish to protect or conceal. A self-portrait is doubly risky but can be equally gratifying.


Christienne Cuevas has been described as an artist with a sensitive touch. Classically trained in drawing and painting, Cuevas is interested in traditional methods and materials of the Old Masters. Cuevas blends the qualities of painting with drawing, contrasting bold ink brushstrokes with soft searching marks in charcoal, carbon, graphite to heighten the drama and expressiveness of her work.