Carolyn Campbell

Home: Edmonton, Alberta
Title: Keeping watch
Media: Pencil and acrylic on canvas / crayon et acrylique sur toile
Dimensions: 55 x 83 cm

Keeping Watch is a self portrait in a series of paintings over the last five years of my women artist friends depicted as icons or indices. I don’t think of these pictures purely as portraits, which is somewhat evident in the fact that the bodies and faces are hybrids. The specificity of the faces is important; I like that which is particular, exacting and ineffably communicative. The more precise and seemingly anachronistic my choices are, with respect to the Holbein costumes I’ve borrowed, or the colour field painting techniques employed in the negative space, or the art historical significance of the gaze – the more it seems questionable that one can ever know who it is we think we see. The movement between self documentation and social critique is rooted in the power of materiality, the heavy investment in the subject, and the understanding that what is real is often preferably, and beautifully unreal.


2004 University of Alberta, Master of Fine Arts Degree, Painting Division
1994 University of Alberta, Bachelor of Arts with Honours Degree, Art History
1987 University of Alberta, Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, Art and Design

2004 Province of Alberta Graduate Scholarship
2004 Alberta Learning Graduate Student Scholarship
2003 – 2004 Graduate Research Assistantship, Graduate Program Research and Review
2003 Alberta Foundation for the Arts Graduate Scholarship in Art and Design
2003 The Eva Toban Scholarship

2008 Solo Exhibition, Peter Robertson Gallery, Alberta
2008 Colour Sense and Sensibilia, Triangle Gallery, Calgary, Alberta
2008 Lake Edith Painters, Jasper Yellowhead Museum, Alberta
2006 Group Exhibition, Peter Robertson Gallery, Alberta
2006 Neither Here nor There, Arts Hab, Alberta
2005 Satin Cast, solo exhibition, Harcourt House Arts Centre, Alberta
2005 All you can art, Harcourt House Arts Centre, Alberta
2005 Draw, Edmonton Art Gallery, Alberta
2004 December Group Show, Vanderleelie Gallery, Alberta
2004 Carolyn Campbell and Linda Lindemann, Vanderleelie Gallery, Alberta
2004 To Call me Ishmael, solo exhibition, University of Alberta FAB Gallery, Alberta
2003 Fast Forward, University of Alberta FAB Gallery, Alberta
2003 Open Field, The Works Festival, Stanley A. Milner Public Library, Alberta

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