Andrew Valko

Home: Winnipeg, MB
Title: Kalvin With Stitches
Media: Acrylic on panel
Dimensions: 20 x 25 cm

Artist Statement

I am interested in creating paintings that are open-ended and multilayered. In most cases I don’t know what the story really is, I am just hoping to create philosophical framework for thinking. I try to give longevity to the work by creating episodes in ongoing, fragmentary narrative in which the viewer are obliged to read the suggestions, clues and hints and create their own story and interpretations.

I believe the portrait “KALVIN WITH STITCHES“ is a good example of this. At a first glance the viewer sees a painting of a cute baby, but after a closer look other possible stories present themselves. Are the stitches result of a innocent accident or is it something more sinister? Are those the eyes of innocence or are they the eyes of an infant that has realized that the world can also be cruel sometimes? These are some of my thoughts and intentions I had when I was painting this portrait.
I feel representational style of painting is the best way for me to realize and present my ideas. I also concentrate on supporting these ideas by considering the composition and the choice of colors.


Born 1957 in Prague, Czech Republic. Received Diploma in Graphic Design and Applied Arts from Red River Community College in Winnipeg Manitoba. Studied printmaking at Yoshida Hanga Academy in Tokyo, Japan. Elected to Royal Canadian Academy of Arts in 1995.

Artist’s exhibition credits include numerous national and international solo and group shows in Canada, USA, Germany, Japan and Taiwan. His work has been published and reviewed in various publications such as Border Crossings, The New Yorker Magazine, Canadian Art, Galleries West Magazine, The Globe and Mail . He is a recipient of numerous grants and awards, including the 2009 Kingston Prize. His work is represented in wide range of public, corporate and private collections such as ; The Canada Council Art Bank, The Manitoba Art Council, The Winnipeg Art Gallery, University of Manitoba, Memorial University of NF, University of Winnipeg, Manitoba Government, Investor Group, Winnipeg , MB, Esso Petroleum, Calgary, AB, The Nickle Art Museum, Calgary, AB, Great West Life, Winnipeg, MB, Via Rail Canada, Montreal, QE, The Royal Mint, Ottawa ON, Canada Post Corporation Ottawa, ON, Manitoba Hydro, Winnipeg, MB, Diamond Investment Group Ltd. Vancouver, BC, Price Water House Cooper LLP, Vancouver, BC.

PORTRAITURE play significant role in the artist’s personal work. He has also been commissioned by the Manitoba Government to paint the portraits of premier Gary Filmon and Gary Doer, the Speakers of the house Louise Dacquay, Deni Rocan, George Hicks, Daryl Reid and Chief Justice Richard Scott. Mayor Sam Katz was commissioned by City of Winnipeg and Chancellor Harvey Secter was commissioned by The University of Manitoba.