Andrew Pink

Home: Montreal, QC
Title: Richard (On)
Media: Graphite pencil on paper
Dimensions: 51 x 76.2 cm


In a world overrun with disposable images rushing past us at breakneck speed, my work acts as a river delta, slowing things down, inviting the viewer to spend some time before “scrolling on.” My recent portrait series addresses time and its most profound consequences on the human body, spirit and mind. I am documenting the ravages that the late stages of Parkinson’s Disease is having on my father and drawing attention to easily- overlooked detail in an environment of unpredictable movement, characterized by a lack of control over basic functions like walking and talking. The title Richard, (On) refers to fluctuations in the severity of symptoms known as “on” and “off” periods. During “on” periods, symptoms are relatively mild, compared to “off” periods which are defined by decreased energy and limited mobility. The portraits attempt to illuminate my father’s emotions trapped behind what is known as the “Parkinson’s Mask,” where a diminished control of facial muscles can leave PD sufferers expressionless. This portrait is an anomaly of stillness in an existence marred by involuntary movement, and rendering the thoughtful expression on my father’s face is an homage to the man that still lives inside.


Andrew Pink (b. 1974) creates meticulous and highly realistic paintings and drawings that invite the audience to reconsider their assumptions about the utterly familiar. Addressing what he describes as “unseen forces” and webs of connections through his work, Pink’s distinctly themed series frequently employ diptychs, triptychs and multi-work installations. “Each piece stands alone, but I prefer to think of them as acts in a play, there’s a conversation that emerges between them when taken as a whole.” Over the past decade Pink spent time living in New York and Toronto until returning to his native Montreal where he’s currently working on a series of pencil portraits of his father who lives with Parkinson’s Disease.


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2004 Inaugural Exhibition, Gallery Jones, Vancouver, BC

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