Turner, Paul Robert

  • Home:
    Toronto, Ontario
  • Title:
  • Media:
    Oil on canvas / huile sur toile
  • Dimensions:
    128 x 149 cm
  • Website:

This painting was specifically created for the Kingston prize. My original intention was to capture the intensity of a central figure, compositionally supported or compromised by a secondary figure. The obvious choice for me was to paint a couple, and within this compositional tension explore the positive and negative dynamics of partnership, both emotional and physical. For this reason eventually the puzzle pieces were added to the floor and the centrality of the female subject was shifted to incorporate the shadow on the wall and the empty chair that was present at the subject’s house during the first sitting. The pose of the subjects was choreographed in such a way so that ones position and demeanor seems to be directly related to the other, a subtle balance between comfort and discomfort, poise and candor.

2007 Honourable Mention



Michael John Angel Traditional Schools, Study of Classical Drawing and Painting


Ont. Coll. of Art & Design, A.O.C.A.D. Drawing and Painting


OCAD Independent Study Program, Florence, Italy


Creative Arts County Program QECVI Kingston ON



Nov- Toronto International Art Fair, XEXE Gallery; June-AAF Contemporary Art Fair, AWOL Gallery New York


Something for everyone III  XEXE Gallery, Toronto; A Measurable But Limited Duration solo exhibition XEXE Gallery, Toronto; Square Foot 5, AWOL Gallery, Toronto; 45th Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Nathan Philips Square, Toronto; AAF Contemporary Art Fair, New York, NY


Square Foot New York, Project Spaceman, Brooklyn, NY; The AAF Contemporary Art Fair, New York ; Square foot 3, AWOL Gallery Toronto; Something for Everyone, XEXE Gallery Toronto ; 44th Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Nathan Philips Square, Toronto


Experts Are Standing By, solo exhibition, AWOL Gallery Tor.; Toronto International Art Fair, Metro Convention Centre, Tor. ; Square Foot 2, AWOL Gallery, Toronto; Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Nathan Philips Square, Tor. Worship, Ontario Artist Association annual juried exhibition, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto


Square Foot, AWOL Gallery, Toronto; 7 Seconds, Kabat/Wrobel Gallery, Toronto


WhOLE, AWOL Collective 40-artist exhibition, Toronto; Battle Royale, Art System, Toronto; Open House, AWOL Gallery, Toronto; Standard, AWOL Collective 40-artist exhibition, Toronto; It Ain’t No !%@&*! Picnic, AWOL Gallery, Toronto; Blindness, AWOL Gallery, Toronto; Suspension, solo exhibition, AWOL Gallery, Toronto



Co-Founding member of AWOL Collective, Gallery and Studios



The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Award


Lifetime Members Award, Ontario Artists Association, Worship exhibition

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