Zingeler, Kristine

  • Home:
    Calgary, Alberta
  • Title:
    Facial Manipulation #5
  • Media:
    Oil on panel / huile sur panneau
  • Dimensions:
    91 x 137 cm
  • Website:

The Facial Manipulation series began with an idea for a new collaboration.  I wanted to bring the materiality that I loved about oil paint a step further by inviting my subjects to contribute more actively to the creative process.  I gave out very vague instructions, asking the sitter to play around with their face however they saw fit.  The resulting squishes, stretches, pokes, and pulls showed an excitingly similar aesthetic to my own mark-making.  In allowing my subjects to manipulate themselves in their own conceived ways, the work became less controlled.  I was able to free my hand and keep my brushstrokes loose and purposeful while still staying true to my subject.  By using the sitter as material in addition to content, the paintings become imbued with a new meaning.  The hands on the faces of the subject mirror the action of the brush and paint to add depth and importance to the entire painting.  The conventional likeness of the sitter is removed but is replaced with a more intimate interaction between artist and subject.  The painting becomes more about the relationship between the painter and the painted and less about either one as an individual.



BFA Studio Concentration, Painting Major, University of Calgary


Aug 3-Sep 30, 2012

Translations – The New Gallery +15 Space, Calgary, AB


May 31-Jun 30, 2012

Five – The Gallery, Calgary, Alberta

Jun 2-Jul 15, 2012

6x6x2012 – Rochester Contemporary Art Center, Rochester, New York

April 20, 2012

Two Liners – C1RCA Showroom, Calgary, Alberta



International Painting Annual III, Manifest Press


BMO 1st! ART Nominee


Jack Wise Award (For Excellence in Painting)

2008, 2009, 2010, 2011

Jason Lang Scholarship (For academic achievement)

Great Canadian Gaming Corporation Collection
University of Calgary Faculty of Medicine Collection

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