Dorland, Kim

  • Home:
    Toronto, Ontario
  • Title:
    Him #5
  • Media:
    Oil, acrylic, spray paint on jute over wood panel / huile, acrylique et peinture aérosol sur jute et panneau de bois
  • Dimensions:
    51 x 40.5 cm
  • Website:

Portraiture forms a significant part of my practice. I have an ongoing (and obsessive) interest in the language of paint (in all of its forms and possible combinations) as a means for exploring meaning and psychology. For me a portrait is a psychological exploration. I am not interested in illustrating a person’s appearance so much as I am in using paint to express who a person is – their personality, their psychology. I don’t consider a portrait finished until it feels like the subject so I find I can paint (repeatedly) only the people closest to me: myself, my wife and, in this case, my 6-year-old son.



Ghosts of You and Me, Mike Weiss Gallery, New York


Unexpected Beauty, Galleria Bianca, Palermo, Italy


I’m an Adult Now, Angell Gallery, Toronto



The Painting Project, Gallerie de l’UQAM, Montreal


It Happened in the Woods, Hans Alf Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark


The Tree: Form and Substance, McMichael Canadian Art Collection, Klein¬burg, ON

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Musée d’art con¬tem¬po¬rain de Montréal, Museum of Con¬tem¬po¬rary Art San Diego, Royal Bank of Canada

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