Mann, Jenn

  • Home:
    Mississauga, Ontario
  • Title:
    Cotton Candy
  • Media:
    Oil on canvas / huile sur toile
  • Dimensions:
    122 x 117 cm
  • Website:

My work mainly involves the human face and figure, focusing on ideas of existentialism, beauty and identity. In my series of works Strange Beauties – to which Cotton Candy belongs – I am interested in our objection as a society to awkwardness. By using honest or unflattering images of my subjects, I examine beauty and our aversion to strangeness as a starting point to my search for magic in the idea of bad or wrong. Inspired by the circus, illusions, dreams and the innocence and playfulness of childhood, Strange Beauties explores beauty and its fringes. Capturing sincere moments with my subjects while casually hanging out in my studio, the paintings in this series evoke a naïve and unfiltered sense of beauty akin to that experienced in childhood. Using color and saturation to foreground elegant and alluring elements in otherwise odd and un-glamorous images. The combination of color, gesture, and facial expression works to create a deep sense of intimacy and honesty amidst the surreal candy colored images.

Neubacher Shor Contemporary (NSC),Toronto, Ontario


OCAD BFA- Printmaking


Feb 2013

Strange Beauties – NSC,Toronto


Gathering of the Psyche – Communication Gallery, Toronto

July, 2012

Daydream Believer – NSC,Toronto


Sept 2010

Highly Contagious – Gallery Hijinks, San Francisco

March 2010

Nature Noir – Mahan Gallery, Columbus OH, USA

Feb 2013

Animal in Me – Subtext Gallery, San Diego USA



2nd year award for studio excellence – Printmaking, OCAD


Duncan Macpherson Award – Drawing & Painting, OCAD


Curries Art Store Prize- Printmaking 4th year, OCAD


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