Kuehl, Gerald

  • Home:
    Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Title:
    Martha Otuk
  • Media:
    Graphite / graphite
  • Dimensions:
    59 x 52 cm

The Indigenous people of the north make a unique contribution to Canada’s cultural mosaic.  This portrait of Martha Otuk is one in a collection of drawings of the Inuit elders of Nunavut.  An Arviat elder, Martha’ story is of the last generation to survive entirely on the land, hunting, fishing and trapping.  In the last fifty years since these people have come off the land, they have fought to maintain their culture while being assimilated into modern society.  Martha’s quiet dignity is a superb example of the pride of the Inuit  people.

People’s Choice Award (Wolfville)   



Bachelor of Education, University of Manitoba


Bachelor of Physical Education, University of Manitoba


Nov./08 to Jan./09

St. Catherines Museum, (solo), St. Catherines, Ontario

Sept. to Nov/08

Churchill Town Center (solo), Churchill, Manitoba

Aug./08 to Sept./08

Amtsbodasafnid (solo), Akureyri, Iceland

May/08 to July/08

Red Lake Heritage Center, (solo), Red Lake, Ontario

Feb./08 to April/07

Musee Heritage Museum, (solo), St. Albert, Alberta

Feb./07 to April/07

New Icelandic Heritage Museum (solo), Gimli, Manitoba

Sept./06 to Jan./07

Manitoba Museum (solo), Winnipeg, Manitoba

Oct./06 to Dec./06

Churchill Town Center (solo), Churchill, Manitoba

April /06

Heritage North Museum (solo), Thompson, Manitoba

Feb./06 to April /06

The Sam Waller Museum (solo), The Pas, Manitoba

Jan. 2006

Leaf Rapids National Exhibition Center (solo), Leaf Rapids, Manitoba

Oct. /01 to Feb. /02

Manitoba Museum (Solo), Winnipeg, Manitoba

February, 2001

Piano Nobile Gallery (Solo), Manitoba Centennial Hall

November, 2000

Manitoba Art Expo, Assiniboia Downs, Winnipeg, Manitoba

June, 2000

Precambrian Art Center, Thompson, Manitoba (Solo)

November, 1998, 1999

Manitoba Art Expo, Assiniboia Downs, Winnipeg, Manitoba

C.A.R.F.A.C. member since 1991



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