Wolney, Dylan

  • Home:
    Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Title:
    Portrait of Kevin
  • Media:
    Oil on canvas / huile sur toile
  • Dimensions:
    121 x 91 cm

This painting is an expression resulting from the experience of sharing a space with an individual who has played a unique role in my life.  Throughout my life I have encountered instances of altered perceptions focused particularly on the faces of people I have come to befriend.  This was what I intended to depict when I asked Kevin to sit for me.  I met Kevin in the psychiatric ward at the St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver two years ago.  Since, our friendship has been strengthened by being able to confide in one another our continual and striking experiences, both mental and spiritual.  The decision to use a floral backdrop was inspired by some of the portraits done by Vincent Van Gogh.  The richness of colour and texture was also inspired by this artist who no doubt tried to capture the magic of life which will occasionally reveal itself to a fortunate individual.



BFA in Visual Arts from Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design


Alberta College of Art and Design


April 5-19  2007

Portrait Show; Gaff Gallery

January 20  2007

Cambridge House Art Auction

May 6-21  2006

Grad Show; Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design

March 2007

*Paint a Picture of Death, Life is a Red Dot; Crawl Space Gallery, Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design

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