Cousineau, Christine

  • Home:
    Montréal, Québec
  • Title:
    Self-portrait as Geisha
  • Media:
    Oil on canvas / huile sur toile
  • Dimensions:
    76 x 66 cm

Self-Portrait as a Geisha is a playful portrait in which I oppose the main goal of a realist portrait, attaining a likeness, by appearing in disguise. The tension between this opposition is heightened in that traditional geisha makeup and attire attempts to eradicate individuality and promote a homogenous image readily replicated from one person to the next. The geisha costume immediately recognizable as an iconic cultural image of Japan represents an ideal of feminine, youthful beauty. Rendering a Caucasian and middle-aged face under the makeup strikes a dissonant but humorous note and thereby reasserts the individuality of the sitter and the artist.
BFA Visual Arts, University of Victoria B. C.
DEC Computer Graphics, Rosemount Technology Centre, Montreal, Quebec
Classical Painting Techniques, Bohemiarte School, Montreal, Quebec
Classical Drawing Techniques, Atelier de Bresoles, Montreal, Quebec
Graduating Show VAV Gallery, Victoria, B. C.
B.C.Arts Awards Exhibition, Robson Square, Vancouver, B.C.
Open Space Gallery, Victoria, B.C.
L’Art a la Rue, Gallery 4297 St. Laurent, Montreal, Quebec
New Painting, Gallery 4297 St. Laurent, Montreal, Quebec
Images de Femmes, Montreal, Quebec
Images de Femmes, Montreal, Quebec
Ellen Creek Gallery, Charlottetown, PEI
2003 Dune Gallery, Brackley, PEI
Comparisons, Gallery 4297 St. Laurent, Montreal, Quebec
Of Houses and Homes, Rebel Art, Westmount, Quebec
Recent Paintings, Wilder & Davis Gallery, Montreal, Quebec
The Gazette, Montreal, March 8th, 1999 Artist of the Month
Westmount Examiner, March 11th, 1999 Westmount Art Scene Flourishes

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