Boulton, Brian

  • Home:
    Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Title:
    Mikey@20.c (Chelsea Boots)
  • Media:
    Graphite on paper / graphite sur papier
  • Dimensions:
    87.5 x 68 cm
  • Website:

The submitted drawing of Michael was the last in a series of three portraits of him. After completion, a story unfolded through the three images showing a progression in the 20th year of a young man. They briefly convey his self discovery and change, from a state of confusion to a position of confidence and awareness. This image represents his final stage in this self discovery.

I have used photography as a base for my drawings since my early teens. While many contemporary artists generate digital images as a final product, I reverse this process by producing a physical analog image from the digital file. This process of manual reproduction assigns new significance to minute details; while the consequence of a knitted texture may be lost in a photograph, it gains new importance when rendered exactly by hand. These drawings express, for me, a more human experience than the initial photograph.


Sep. 1975

College of New Caledonia, Architectural drafting & rendering, Prince George, BC

Sep. 1983

Langara College, Film History / Art History, Vancouver, BC



Drawn to You, Winsor Gallery, Vancouver, BC


Drawing The Anonymous Subject, On Main Gallery, curated by Paul Wong, Vancouver, BC; Drawings, Winsor Gallery, Vancouver, BC



Winsor Gallery, Vancouver, BC


Drawing Meaning, Winsor Gallery, Vancouver, BC


Winsor Gallery, Vancouver, BC

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