2023 Competition

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Jury Statement

Thoughts about the three selected works:

Shaun Downey (Winner): We were drawn in to this work by both the technical mastery and the subtlety of the expression of the sitter. We appreciated the contrast between the simple, geometrical interior in which the young woman sits in an office chair, and her delicate facial expression and the tension in her arms and hands.

Chrystal Phan (Honourable Mention): This enigmatic self-portrait made us want to learn more about what the artist is feeling and wants to communicate. We loved the gestural brushstroke and the visual harmony of the sheets, headboard and t-shirt, and were very impressed by the richness of the treatment of the skin.

Jim Bravo (Honourable Mention): We felt that this work pushes the boundaries of portrait painting and that it effectively layers culture, labour and history in how it articulates the sitters’ bodies with a busy, densely patterned, colorful interior.